What ‌criteria was ⁢used ⁤to rank⁢ these music ‍production podcasts?

Music production ​is a vast and complex field, but thankfully, there are a⁢ myriad of‌ resources ‍available for aspiring and professional music producers.⁣ In ‍particular, music production podcasts ⁢have emerged as ‌a valuable‌ tool for learning and gaining inspiration. Here​ are the top 9 ​best music⁣ production podcasts⁣ that you can start listening to ​today.

1.​ Tape Op Podcast

The‌ Tape⁣ Op Podcast is ‌a long standing favorite in⁣ the music production world.​ Brought‍ to you by the iconic magazine of ​the same⁤ name, it offers interviews with​ record producers, engineers, ⁤and musicians⁢ who share their experiences, insights, and⁣ tips.

2. Pensado’s ​Place

Pensado’s Place is hosted by Grammy-winning mix engineer ⁣Dave Pensado. By interviewing top and ​rising music creators,‍ Dave ‌provides listeners a ⁢deep dive into the ⁣creative‌ and technical ⁢process of music​ production.

3.⁣ Song Exploder

In Song‌ Exploder, musicians take ‍apart their songs piece‌ by piece and⁣ tell the story of​ how they were made. This⁤ podcast exposes ‍the layers and elements⁤ involved in song creation, making‌ it a great tool for ‌hands-on ⁢learning.

4. ‌The UBK Happy Funtime ⁣Hour

The UBK Happy Funtime Hour offers a‍ thrilling mix of solid advice alternating with comic relief. ⁣Mixture of Q&A sessions and interview episodes, it creates an engaging⁣ platform for gaining ‌insights into the ​music industry.

5. Recording Studio ‍Rockstars

This podcast takes​ you into the studio, where you hear the ‍stories behind the‍ hits directly from the ⁤people‍ who ‍made⁢ them. ⁤Recording Studio Rockstars is ‌all about helping​ you become‍ a rockstar in the studio.

6. Produce⁢ Like a Pro

The​ Produce ⁢Like⁢ a Pro podcast is an essential online resource dedicated to ⁤helping you produce⁣ better ‍music. Hosted by‌ Grammy-nominated producer Warren Huart, it delivers ​loads⁣ of expert​ advice and behind-the-scenes views ⁢of the ⁢industry.

7. The Mastering‍ Show

The Mastering Show ⁣is‌ the perfect place to learn about mastering audio. Host Ian ⁣Shepherd ⁢offers ‍a⁣ wealth of expertise ‌accumulated⁢ over⁣ years of experience‍ in the music production field.

8. ‍Six Figure Home Studio

The Six Figure Home Studio podcast provides clear advice on building a⁤ successful home recording studio. It ‍explores the entrepreneurial aspects of running⁢ a recording studio ⁣business.

9. DIY Musician Podcast

DIY Musician Podcast‌ is all about equipping independent⁢ artists with knowledge and‌ strategies to boost their career. It offers tried-and-tested advice on ‌a broad range of ​topics, from producing music ‌to marketing and selling your work.

In ⁣conclusion, these podcasts will provide you⁢ a wealth of insights, tips, and ‍experiences packed into⁤ digestible audio⁢ episodes. Whether you’re just getting started in music production, or you’re‌ a ⁢seasoned professional, these top music production podcasts are ​sure ⁢to inspire and inform you on ⁣your musical journey.