Best Black Friday 2021 Deals For Music Producers


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What ⁤savings can⁣ be ⁣made on musical instruments‌ during the ​Black Friday 2021 ⁣sales?

The day that⁢ countless consumers ‌wait for all ​year‍ has ‌finally ‍arrived ‌- Black Friday. For music producers, ‍both professional and ‍hobbyists, this⁢ signifies a splendid opportunity‌ to​ grab​ some of the best music ‌gear and software ​at incredibly discounted ⁣amounts. ‍In this guide, ⁣we’ve ⁣curated a list of‍ the best Black Friday deals​ for music producers in 2021.

Software‌ Deals

Black ‍Friday is ⁢the perfect⁢ time​ to upgrade‍ your software ⁣or​ even try⁤ something​ new.⁤ While⁢ most companies​ typically ⁣have year-end sales, nothing quite ⁤beats ‍the​ steep discounts you‌ will see ⁤on ⁢Black Friday.

1. Native ‌Instruments

Native ‌Instruments ‌typically‍ offer​ phenomenal‌ discounts ​across ⁣their‌ software collection, and this ⁢year is ⁣no⁤ different. With​ up to 50% off ​start saving⁤ on their Massive ⁢X, Kontakt 6, and ‌Complete ⁣13⁣ plugins.

2. ‍Ableton ⁤Live

Ableton ‌Live‌ is the ⁢go-to software‌ for countless music producers. This‍ Black ⁢Friday, ⁣they’re‍ offering a⁣ 25% ⁢price cut on ​all versions of their Live 10⁤ Suite ‍software, including upgrades.

3.‍ WAVES⁣ Audio Plugins

WAVES offer ​some⁤ of the⁤ best plugins⁢ in the business, and​ their massive Black Friday ​sale⁤ includes discounts of up to 90% on‌ their⁣ most popular ‌software.

Hardware Deals

Hardware, from​ studio monitors ⁣to ⁣MIDI controllers, can⁢ get⁣ quite expensive. Luckily, several leading brands are offering‌ significant savings‍ during Black Friday.

1. ​Focusrite‌ Scarlett ⁤Interfaces

Focusrite’s ⁣Scarlett‌ range of interfaces⁢ offer⁢ top-quality ⁤sound recording and are on‍ sale with ⁤a ‍30% discount, making this an excellent time to upgrade your ‍studio⁣ setup.

2.‌ Akai ‌MIDI⁢ Controllers

Akai is ⁣renowned ‌for ⁣producing ​high-quality ‍MIDI ⁣keyboards and⁣ controllers. ⁣This ‌Black Friday, ‍Akai offers 20%⁢ off for ⁣all their⁢ MIDI collection. Save now‌ on great gear like ⁢the Professional MPK Mini‌ MKII.

3.⁣ Audio-Technica Headphones

Audio-Technica,⁣ known for‍ professional studio ​headphones, is offering discounts​ of up to 40% ⁤on their ⁣studio‍ monitoring headphones.


Black Friday 2021 presents ⁢an excellent ​opportunity ‍to upgrade⁢ your studio and production ⁣capabilities​ with ​fantastic ‌discounts on leading hardware and ‍software. But ⁤remember,⁤ these deals ⁢won’t last‌ forever! ⁢Start shopping⁢ now‌ and get​ your music production ‌gears at ⁤a​ fraction⁣ of the price.

Please ​remember to ⁣read the⁤ terms‌ and conditions of ⁢all sales⁣ before making a purchase. Furthermore,‌ be mindful⁤ of new ⁢releases, as sometimes older ⁢models ​get significantly discounted.

Take advantage of these massive Black Friday deals⁤ and‍ elevate your​ music ⁤production to new heights!