10 of the Best Waves Plugins for Processing Vocals


What are some top-rated ‍Waves plugins for⁣ vocal processing?

Creating sublime vocals​ is the bedrock ​of any⁣ sensational hit. Thankfully,⁢ with ⁤Waves’ ⁢audio plugins, you can process and fine-tune vocals ‌for ⁤a professional-grade production. This article ‍outlines ten of the best Waves plugins that can refine‌ your sound ⁣to‍ perfection.

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1. ⁣Waves ⁣Tune Real-Time

Waves⁣ Tune Real-Time provides⁢ smooth, ⁢natural-sounding ⁤vocal pitch ⁤correction, ​instantly.⁤ Suitable for‍ both studio recordings and ‍live performances, it allows ‌you to tweak vocals even‍ while⁤ the singer is ​still⁣ performing.

2.⁣ CLA Vocals

CLA⁣ Vocals ⁤is an‍ all-in-one vocal ⁢processing suite⁤ designed by Grammy-winning engineer Chris⁢ Lord-Alge. It offers several modules for including compression, reverb, ‍delay,​ and ‍pitch modulation for​ your ⁢vocals.

3. OVox Vocal ReSynthesis

Designed to transform vocals, Ovox Vocal ‍ReSynthesis plugin offers​ vocoder, talkbox, and pitch correction⁣ tools. It provides countless options for reshaping and⁣ modulating your vocals.

4. Vocal ⁤Rider

Vocal Rider automatically adjusts your vocal levels⁢ in real time, eliminating the need ​for manual gain​ riding. This plugin ensures a smooth and consistent level of‍ vocals throughout ⁤your mix.

5. Renaissance Vox

Designed to ⁤provide transparent compression and limiting, ‌the ⁣Renaissance ‍Vox plugin is‍ perfect​ for ⁤tightening ‍vocals and enhancing⁤ their‌ presence in ‍the mix.

6. ​H-Delay

H-Delay from Waves ​provides ancient ‌to⁢ modern⁣ delay ‍and echo ‍effects.⁢ It’s‌ capable of high feedback levels, while ​still maintaining clarity, ‍making it excellent ⁣for⁢ vocal processing.

7. ‍DeBreath

DeBreath‌ effortlessly⁣ removes breath sounds from recorded⁣ vocals,⁤ offering a⁣ cleaner ‌production. It carefully isolates and separates ​breath ‌sounds ​from ‌the vocal track ​without affecting ⁣the singer’s performance.

8. Sibilance

Sibilance, powered ‌by Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis ⁤technology,‍ is ⁤a transparent vocal⁢ de-esser that ​removes​ harsh sibilance sounds while preserving the timbre, tonality, and enchanting character that⁣ makes your⁢ vocals​ unique.

9. PuigTec EQs

The PuigTec EQs from Waves ⁣offer vintage-style ⁤brightness and‌ resonance ⁣that‍ work wonders⁢ on vocals. They replicate the unique characteristics of the ⁣iconic Pultec EQs which are known for adding airiness and life to⁤ vocals.

10. Doubler

Doubler ⁢uses ⁤delay and⁢ pitch modulation to create⁣ a⁣ new class of‌ sounds. It’s great for adding richness and spatial ⁤depth to‌ your⁢ vocals, making ⁣them stand out in the⁤ mix.

With tools‍ for practically‍ every part⁣ of⁤ the vocal production process, these Waves plugins are a​ professional’s trusted arsenal. Transform your vocal​ recordings​ into masterpieces with these incredible ‍Waves ⁤plugins. Happy recording!