Tame Impala and Thundercat release limited cheetah print 7” vinyl record of No More Lies


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What was ​the inspiration behind Tame Impala and Thundercat’s decision to release a cheetah⁤ print‌ 7″ vinyl record?

Tame Impala and ​Thundercat Release Limited Cheetah Print 7″ Vinyl Record of “No More Lies”

Psychedelic rock outfit Tame Impala ⁤and multi-talented bassist Thundercat have teamed up for an‌ unexpected yet riveting collaboration,⁣ releasing a limited edition cheetah-print 7-inch vinyl record of their highly anticipated track, “No More Lies“.

With its⁣ outside-the-box design and exclusive content, this latest offering adds a wild aesthetic to vinyl collector’s library while serving ‍as a celebration of the modern blend of‍ rock and ⁣funk these artists ⁤bring to ‌the table.

A Fusion of Talents

The limited edition 7″ vinyl presents the spectacular merging of Tame Impala’s ​Kevin​ Parker’s silky ‍psychedelic melodies and Thundercat’s powerful ‍bass lines and funk grooves. This one-of-a-kind experimental fusion ‌has given birth to “No More Lies“, a track that sets ⁤new ‌standards in the cross between dreamy rock and ⁢punchy⁤ funk.

Wild Aesthetic

Beyond ​the⁢ auditory excellence, this ⁤release is also a visual treat. The vinyl is decked out in a cheetah print design, presenting ‍a bold statement not commonly seen in​ the vinyl record scene. This striking design matches the unique, boundary-pushing music⁢ it holds, setting a new standard ‍for eclectic, collectable music memorabilia.

Highly Limited Release

Fans will have ⁤to act fast to secure a copy of this exclusive release.⁤ The⁣ record is⁤ being produced in a very limited quantity, positioning this unique ⁤vinyl​ as a must-have item‌ for passionate collectors, Tame Impala enthusiasts, and Thundercat admirers alike.

Expect⁤ the Unexpected

This collaboration ‍underlines the ‌creative prowess of Tame Impala‌ and Thundercat, showing their ability to transcend genre boundaries and create a sonic gold ⁣mine. The release of a cheetah ‌print vinyl adds⁤ an extra touch of allure and spice, a testament to these ⁢artists’​ commitment to delivering ‌the​ unexpected.

Fans of both artists await with bated breath to see what the duo has in store next. If this unique‍ and groundbreaking release ‍is anything to go⁤ by, the sky is the limit for this exciting collaboration.

Don’t miss out!

Be sure to stay‍ tuned for the release of the limited-edition Tame Impala and Thundercat cheetah⁢ print 7″ vinyl record, an ⁢unforgettable piece of music‍ history. Get ready to ⁣add some serious funk⁣ and psychedelic groove to your vinyl collection!