Church featured on The Chemical Brothers’ album artwork to receive Grade II* status


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How did The Chemical Brothers⁢ decide ‍to feature this specific church on‌ their album​ cover?

In a remarkable recognition of architectural ‍heritage,‍ the church immortalized on the cover of The Chemical Brothers’ ​acclaimed⁣ album “Exit Planet Dust” is set to receive a Grade ⁣II* ⁤status. The church, St. Michael’s ​in Highgate,⁣ has not only ⁣been an inspiring spiritual figure ‌for ​the local community but ‍also for the world-famous electronic music duo.

A Musical Landmark

Fans of The Chemical Brothers may ‌instantly recognize ⁣the striking image of St. Michael’s. Its striking image adorned ⁤the cover of their 1995 debut album,‍ “Exit Planet Dust.” ⁣The⁤ iconic black and white ⁣photograph ‌encaptured not only the enigmatic⁣ aesthetics⁢ of the‌ church ⁤but also highlighted the⁣ architectural splendor of this English Heritage site.

Grade II* Status

The recent Grade II* listing by the‍ English Heritage grants the church‍ protection as a particularly important building of more than special interest. This classification reflects the⁤ architectural and⁤ cultural significance of St. Michael’s and puts ‌it in⁣ the top 8% of listed buildings in the country.

Art, Architecture, and Electronic Music Confluence

The Grade II* status not only honors the physical beauty of St.‌ Michael’s ⁣but echoes the ​nexus​ between art, architecture, and music. The church,⁤ through association with⁣ The Chemical⁣ Brothers, forms⁤ an intimate part of Britain’s electronic music history. The impressive nave, dramatic⁤ arches, and dignified steeple of St. Michael’s echo down the annals of⁤ the iconic duo’s discography.

A Continuing Legacy

St. Michael’s is much more than a photographic image on an album ⁣cover. The red brick and Portland stone Victorian church ​is a living, breathing ‍entity that continues⁣ to inspire and support the community around it. ​An active parish, it serves as a testament ⁣to the‍ enduring power and relevancy ⁤of communal ‍faith in the modern world.

Younger‌ generations, no doubt inspired by ⁤The Chemical Brothers’ music,⁤ are drawn to the same⁣ austere beauty‍ and inspiring spirituality of St. Michael’s. Where the world of electronic‍ music and High Victorian ⁤Gothic architecture meet, St. Michael’s Church stands ⁤as⁣ a⁤ symbol of unity and identity for the community.

With its new-found Grade II* status, St. Michael’s embarks on​ another chapter of its illustrious history. A history shared with a world-renowned musical duo and etched in the ⁢hearts of a global fanbase.


As architectural preservation, history, and ‌the world of music intermingle, it’s a joyous occasion for both fans of The Chemical Brothers and ⁢lovers of architectural heritage.⁢ St. Michael’s Church, having been granted the​ Grade II* status, will continue to ⁣stand tall ‍as a beacon of spiritual and cultural significance in the heart of Highgate.⁣ And ​in its‍ own way, it will continue to play its role ⁢in shaping Britain’s musical and architectural⁤ heritage.