How can one effectively utilize the EQ tools in FL Studio for producing high-quality music?

FL Studio is one of the music industry’s most powerful digital audio workstations, offering exceptional sequencing capabilities, fantastic VST hosting, and, of course, a suite of top-notch EQ tools. Whether you’re shaping the timbre of a single instrument or fine-tuning your final mixdown, EQ is indispensable. Understanding how to utilise FL Studio’s EQ resources skilfully can significantly influence the quality of your productions. In this article, we expose the secrets of EQ tools in FL Studio.

Understanding EQ Basics

EQ, or Equalization, is the process of adjusting the balance between frequency components within an electronic signal. This practice originates from the need to counteract the variable frequency responses of early audio equipment. In modern music production, EQ is paramount for shaping sound and making every element of the track work together.

FL Studio’s Parametric EQ 2

The most commonly used EQ tool in FL Studio is the Parametric EQ 2. This plugin is a flexible 7-band parametric equalizer with shapes including peaking, high/low shelf, and high/low pass filters.

One thing to remember with Parametric EQ 2 is that less is more. Subtle changes often deliver the desired effect without compromising the integrity of the sound. Over-equalizing can lead to a brittle, unnatural sound, so tread lightly.

Using the Frequency Spectrum

One of the best visual aids on the Parametric EQ 2 is the frequency spectrum. This visualizer shows frequencies in real-time, allowing you to see exactly which frequencies are being boosted or cut. You can identify problem frequencies or areas where your mix may be lacking and make adjustments accordingly.

FL Studio’s Fruity EQ 2

Another powerful and more straightforward tool is the Fruity EQ 2. It’s a graphic equalizer with seven adjustable bands. Each of these bands can be boosted or cut by up to 18 dB. This tool is ideal for making quick and simple adjustments to your audio.

FL Studio’s EQ and Stereo Imaging

One less-known secret of FL Studio’s EQ tools is their use in stereo imaging. By using the M/S mode in Parametric EQ 2, you can balance the mid (mono) and side (stereo) elements separately. This imperative tool can help to better position elements in the stereo field and create a wide and engaging mix.


In conclusion, the secrets of FL Studio’s EQ tools do not lie within hidden features, but rather in understanding their power and potential in shaping and enhancing your music. Keep these tips in mind, and you will witness how little adjustments can make a big difference.