Major investor of Native Instruments and iZotope bids to acquire AVID


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How might this acquisition of AVID impact the products and software offered by Native Instruments and iZotope?

Major Investor of Native Instruments and iZotope Bids to Acquire AVID

Tuesday 15th September 2021

Francisco Partners, the major investor behind the renowned music technology companies, ⁤Native Instruments and iZotope,​ has made a ​bold bid⁢ to acquire ‍another industry giant, AVID Technology.

A New Era for AVID?

If Francisco Partners’ bid is accepted, this could mark⁢ the beginning of a new era for AVID Technology. The‌ digital ‍audio and⁣ video ‌technology company, headquartered in Burlington,⁣ Massachusetts, is a dominant player⁢ within the industry, and a potential acquisition by the same investors that have already boosted iZotope and Native Instruments could⁣ open ‍new doors and ‌strengthen its position⁣ in the global market.

The Bid Details

The details of⁣ this acquisition bid have not been publicly disclosed yet, making the exact numbers a mystery. However, given the major interests of Francisco Partners in the music technology sector and the status of AVID Technology in the market, it’s fair to expect a very ⁤significant offer.

The Potential Impact

AVID’s wide range of tools and technologies for ⁢music and audio‌ production is a ⁢favourite among professionals.⁣ These⁤ include the famous Pro Tools, ‌a digital audio workstation used in sound recording and sound production. With ‌the potential of an acquisition by Francisco Partners, there ‍could be a change in the direction and strategy of the company, which in turn, ‌could bring a whole new level of innovation within the live sound, film, TV, and broadcast sectors.

A Burst ⁣of ‍New Opportunities

This exciting development​ in the market indicates ‌the bubbling opportunities in‌ the music technology industry. Francisco Partners‌ has already expanded ⁢the possibilities for its other​ acquisitions, boosting the capabilities of‍ iZotope⁤ and Native Instruments. This⁢ potential⁢ acquisition of ‌AVID Technology could see a stronger suite ​of products being offered across all three businesses.

About Francisco Partners

Founded‍ in‌ 1999 and headquartered in San Francisco, ​ Francisco Partners specializes ​in investments in technology ⁤and technology-enabled service businesses. They have made⁤ over 100 investments ‍to ⁤date and have significant investment expertise, deep industry knowledge, and a⁣ diligent deal execution​ ethos. Their investment in music technology is a testament to their belief in the growth and innovation potential of the ⁤industry.


The bid to acquire AVID Technology by Francisco Partners marks yet another interesting development in the music technology industry. While no official confirmation ‌has been made, this potential acquisition could ‍yield exciting‍ results in⁢ terms of⁤ technological advancement and market positioning in ‌the near future.


For​ more information about Avid Technology, visit the official site ‌ here. To learn more⁣ about Francisco Partners, you⁢ can visit ​their official site⁣ here.