Dutch DJ breaks Guinness World Record with 11-hour set


How did the Dutch DJ prepare for the 11-hour ‍set to break the Guinness World Record?

Dutch DJ breaks Guinness World Record with an 11-hour ‍set

In a world where endurance and ⁣talent‌ often work hand-in-hand to bring about exceptional​ feats, a Dutch DJ ‍recently etched his name into ⁢the annals of‍ history.⁤ He ⁤demonstrated ⁢an ‍extraordinary fusion of relentless stamina and unyielding musical‍ prowess, breaking the⁢ Guinness World Record ​by spinning the decks for ‌an eye-watering⁣ 11 hours non-stop. Continue reading

Major investor of Native Instruments and iZotope bids to acquire AVID


How might this acquisition of AVID impact the products and software offered by Native Instruments and iZotope?

Major Investor of Native Instruments and iZotope Bids to Acquire AVID

Tuesday 15th September 2021

Francisco Partners, the major investor behind the renowned music technology companies, ⁤Native Instruments and iZotope,​ has made a ​bold bid⁢ to acquire ‍another industry giant, AVID Technology.

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Universal Audio’s UAFX Max compression pedal is overkill for guitarists, but fun for the studio


Can the ⁤UAFX Max‌ compression ⁣pedal from Universal Audio cater to both professionals and‍ hobbyist ‌producers ​in a studio setting

Universal ‍Audio’s UAFX Max ​Compression⁤ Pedal: Overkill for Guitarists, but a Studio Funhouse!

Say⁣ hello to the ‍Universal Audio’s UAFX Max compression pedal, a gear that thoroughly baffles the line‍ between the ⁣overkill for a guitarist and a studio darling. No one⁣ can debate the ⁤audio heavyweight’s ambitious strides to redefine ⁢the music production contours with their‌ newest offering. Continue reading