Why You’re Never Going to “Make It” in Music


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Do‍ perceived ⁤standards ‌of “making it” in the music ‍industry⁤ often coincide with practicing PAA?

Why You’re Never Going to “Make It” in Music

“Making it” in the music industry is a dream harboured by ⁢countless individuals around the world. ​With the ubiquity of music‍ in our lives ⁤and the glamorization of the music industry in pop culture, it’s not surprising that many aspire to reach⁣ the top echelons of this industry. But before‌ chasing ‌this dream, ‌it is important to consider⁤ the realities of the‍ music business and why you may not necessarily reach your desired ​‘stardom’.

The Gravity of Competition

The music industry⁣ is ⁢inundated with talent. ‌According ⁢to a report by the Next Big Sound, over ​90% of all artists are largely undiscovered. Every day, ​hundreds if not⁢ thousands of songs are uploaded to streaming platforms. The sheer volume makes it incredibly difficult for⁤ any single⁢ artist to stand out. There is a constant ​need ⁣to innovate and set yourself apart from the competition in ‌order to catch‍ people’s ⁣attention.⁢

Fickle Nature​ of Fame

Even if you somehow manage⁢ to break through⁤ the noise and capture public attention, maintaining that ⁣status is an entirely different beast. The ⁣music industry is notoriously⁤ fickle -⁤ one minute you⁣ are riding high on public adoration,‌ the next you might be the target ⁤of public scrutiny or worse, indifference. The public’s musical taste can shift unexpectedly, making it hard to secure a long-lasting career for many ‌artists.

Financial Struggle

The image of wealth and luxury portrayed by successful musicians tends to mask the financial struggles faced by most practitioners. The ⁤majority of musicians are actually making ​very little from their music, ⁤especially with the rise ​of streaming platforms that pay paltry sums for individual⁢ streams.

The Toll on Mental and Physical Health

The ⁤music industry can take a serious toll ‌on your mental and physical health. Long hours in the studio, gruelling ​tour schedules, constant⁢ scrutiny, and pressure⁣ to succeed can lead to‌ exhaustion, burnout, or ‌even substance abuse for ⁣many musicians.


This​ is not to ⁢say that you should abandon ⁤your dreams and passion for music. Rather, it is to highlight ⁤the complexities and challenges inherent in ‍”making it” big in ‌the‌ music world and to encourage realistic expectations. As with any career,⁢ success should not be solely defined by fame and wealth, but rather by ⁤fulfilling personal goals, artistic satisfaction, and⁣ a steady path of growth.