What features make the Warm Audio WA73-EQ stand out from other audio equipments?

A Look‍ at the WA73-EQ by Warm Audio

Warm Audio WA73-EQ

Warm⁣ Audio’s WA73-EQ is an audio preamp that offers a⁤ reimagining of one of the most influential preamps in the history of recording studios – the famed Neve 1073. However, Warm Audio has taken the bold step to make this‍ preamp much more affordable without sacrificing quality.

Design and Components

The WA73-EQ is beautifully crafted, featuring a⁢ rugged layout that speaks⁣ durability and longevity. It’s in a single-channel unit format with a hint of the ’70s era in its sleek design.⁣ A closer inspection of⁤ the design reveals the meticulous attention paid to the detail by Warm Audio, ensuring each component stays true to ​the original. The major constituent parts include custom ‌Carnhill transformers, tantalum, and polystyrene capacitors.


This preamp is loaded with an impressive array of features. The unit ⁢features a versatile EQ section optimized for shaping tonal characteristics and subtle nuances. Notable inclusions are 80dB of step-gain, high ⁣band of ±16dB shelving at 12KHz, switchable high-pass filter, and microphone input impedance. The highlight here is the fully​ discrete 3-band EQ –⁤ high, mid, and low, offering fine-tuning capabilities that could rival any​ high-end device⁤ on the market.


In terms of performance, the WA73-EQ doesn’t disappoint. It holds⁤ true to the ‌legacy of its predecessor, offering clear sonics ⁣and minimal ​signal paths. The tonal balance of this preamp is something to behold, offering a broad ⁤bandwidth, and a harmonically-rich low-frequency output. In addition, it is no slouch when it comes to⁢ noise performance,⁢ presenting a distinct and quiet output devoid of any sound irregularities.

Value ‌for Money

Given the performance and build of the Warm Audio WA73-EQ, it​ is a‌ solid investment for any audio enthusiast with ⁢a desire for the classic tone and vibe of vintage audio equipment. While‍ it may be pricier ⁣than some other models in ⁢the Warm Audio range, it is still considerably less expensive than a vintage Neve 1073. Click⁣ here to check out the latest prices.

Final Thoughts

The Warm Audio WA73-EQ maintains the essence⁤ of ⁢one of the greatest preamps in recording​ history while staying remarkably affordable.⁢ It is a superb choice for professionals and beginners alike, with its excellent performance, intricate design, ⁤and solid build quality that‌ offers longevity. This device does not only stay true to the classic sound but enhances it, delivering a​ new and exciting flavor to your ​recording sessions and ⁢performances.