Record label launches funding page to help give 74 year old techno lover a trip to Ibiza


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⁣ Are there plans from the record label ⁢to⁢ document or produce any ⁣music content⁢ during the ⁢trip to‍ Ibiza

Record label launches funding page to help⁤ give 74-year-old techno lover⁢ a trip to Ibiza

In a heartwarming turn of events, a ‍celebrated record label has just⁤ established a ‌crowdfunding page‌ aimed at helping a 74-year-old techno enthusiast⁤ fulfill his dream of experiencing⁤ the magic of ⁣Ibiza. This initiative is garnering considerable attention, proving once again ⁢how the world ​of music can often be an⁢ extraordinary avenue for philanthropy and kindness.

A Love for Techno Ignites Action

The beneficiary of the funding ‌campaign is none other than⁢ Jerry Green, ⁣a 74-year-old ⁢music lover who has spent the‌ majority of his life adoring techno ‌tunes. Jerry developed his love⁤ for the genre at ⁢a young age, never ⁢letting​ go even as time has passed him ⁢by. Often seen boogieing ⁣away in his living room‌ to the throbbing beats of techno, Jerry has always dreamt of visiting⁤ Ibiza, considered the ‌ultimate⁢ haven for techno-fans worldwide.

Jerry ⁢Green enjoying his favourite techno ⁣songs

However, Jerry’s age coupled with a modest pension, has held ⁣him back from making the trip—until now. ‌The record label,⁤ deeply ​touched ⁤by his passion ⁣for ​music, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on its ‌official website,⁢ allowing fans and well-wishers to contribute money towards Jerry’s ‍dream ⁤vacation.

Label Invites Fans to Support‍ Campaign

In a bid to help Jerry experience the vibrant​ Ibiza nightlife and its unforgettable EDM scene, the record label has called upon fans,⁣ artists,⁢ and the general public to make a contribution. ​The campaign’s goal is to gather not only the required funds ​for the trip, but also to furnish Jerry with ⁢VIP entry⁢ to some of Ibiza’s most‍ legendary techno clubs.

Vibrant nightlife in Ibiza

In a formal statement, the label said, “We’re inviting everyone to join us in making Jerry’s dream come true. Music, regardless of genre, ⁢has the power ‍to unite people, and this⁣ crowdfunding campaign ⁢is an incredible⁣ opportunity‍ to do just that.”

A Dream Close ‍to Becoming Reality

So far, the initiative has⁣ seen an outpouring of ​support, with participants from around the globe contributing‌ to ‌the cause, helping inch Jerry‍ ever closer to‍ his dream. Record label artists ‍themselves have also pitched in, some offering backstage passes‍ for ‍whenever⁣ Jerry should find himself in Ibiza.

Get Involved

If you’d like to contribute, ‍you can do so by⁣ visiting the official⁢ crowd funding page on the record label’s website. No donation is too small, and every ⁤contribution is greatly appreciated. Help us⁤ bring a lifelong techno lover the joy of experiencing Ibiza—because it’s​ never too late to live your dreams.

Donate to Jerry's Ibiza fund

Let’s get Jerry to Ibiza – those techno beats await him!