Producing EDM: Essential Plugins and Tools


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What are the essential plugins⁣ needed ⁣for⁣ producing EDM music?

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) demands a ‍high level‌ of precision, ⁤creativity, and technical know-how. This is where ​plugins and ‍digital tools ‍come into play, giving music producers the necessary sounding design features and⁤ mixing capabilities for a world-class final⁣ product. In this ⁤article, we explore some of the most indispensable plugins ​and tools every EDM producer​ needs in their arsenal.

Software ⁤Synthesizers

Software synthesizers play a ⁢crucial ⁢role in EDM​ production. They generate electronic sounds through a myriad of waveforms and manipulation processes to help craft your desired tone.


Serum by Xfer Records is an advanced wavetable​ synthesizer with a⁤ visual and creative workflow-oriented interface. It delivers a clear, detailed and ‌highly versatile sound. The ⁣real-time wavetable manipulation provides ⁢the capability to stack multiple⁤ waveforms for richer and more complex synth sounds.


Native Instruments’ Massive ⁤ is a staple in EDM production,​ known for its beefy sounds and flexibility. Massive provides a⁣ range of wave-scanning oscillators,⁣ modulation options and filters.⁢ Whether it’s punchy bass‍ lines, piercing leads or⁣ atmospheric pads, ​Massive⁤ can do it all.

Effect Plugins

From⁣ enriching the sound to creating mind-boggling effects, these plugins ⁤introduce creative ways to⁣ enhance​ EDM tracks.

FabFilter Pro-Q3

The FabFilter⁢ Pro-Q3 is a high-precision equalizer plugin that⁤ gives ‌you‍ surgical control over your mixes. ​With up ‍to 24 EQ bands and an excellent visual display, you can make precise and measured adjustments to ⁤your sound. It’s an essential tool for mixing and mastering EDM tracks.

Valhalla VintageVerb

A good reverb is ​essential for creating space⁢ and ⁣depth in your mix. ‌ Valhalla VintageVerb is known as an excellent reverb plugin for EDM. It provides a ⁤rich ​range of different reverb algorithms, from ⁢classic hardware inspired reverbs to more surreal‍ spaces.

Drum Plugins

No EDM ​track is complete without a ‌solid ⁢rhythmic backbone. Here are a couple of drum plugins that can give you the ⁣drum sounds you’re seeking.

Xfer Records​ SerumFX

Xfer Records’ SerumFX is a versatile⁢ and high-quality⁤ tool for creating and⁣ processing drum sounds. Its direct and visual approach to sound design ‌makes it easy to craft intricate kicks, snares, and‍ percussive sounds.

Sonic‍ Academy Kick 2

Kick 2 from Sonic Academy is ​a dedicated kick drum synthesizer that allows you to design the kick sounds that perfectly⁢ match your tracks. With a user-friendly interface⁣ and numerous presets, Kick 2 is ⁣perfect for customizing ⁤and tweaking your kick ‍sounds to⁤ perfection.

In conclusion, ‍these ​tools and​ plugins provide⁤ a plethora of sound ‌design ‌and processing possibilities​ that can help⁣ turn your ideas into high-quality ⁣EDM tracks. However, the most important ingredient in the mix is still the ‌creative vision of the producer.