Making Stock Music and Samples to Sell Online


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How can I ensure that my stock music and samples are of high quality⁣ and appealing to buyers?

Stock music and samples have become mainstream in today’s music industry.⁢ It makes⁤ creating‍ music more convenient and cost-effective, particularly for⁢ amateur composers, DJs, or companies needing background ⁢tracks ‌for commercials, podcasts, or video games. With an‌ internet connection and basic music​ production software, anyone can create, distribute, and sell stock music and samples online.

What is Stock Music?

Stock music, also known as royalty-free music or production music, refers to a bank of tunes and​ musical pieces readily available ⁢for public use. It is called “stock” because it can be reused in different audiovisual projects without ‌paying royalties to⁤ the original composer each time music is ‌broadcast or performed publicly.

What ‍are Music Samples?

A music sample is a​ piece of sound, typically ‌in the form of loops or‍ one-shot hits, extracted from any sort of recording. ‌These snippets⁢ can be manipulated and rearranged to form a new composition. Samples are prominent in ​electronic music genres, such as hip hop, techno, drum, bass, or house music.

How to Create Stock Music and⁣ Samples?

Creating stock music and samples requires a good understanding of musical composition, coupled with knowledge of music ‍production software. Here is a simple guide to‌ kickstart your journey.

Equip Yourself

To start, you’ll need a computer and ⁤a Digital Audio​ Workstation (DAW).⁣ The DAW​ is software used for recording, editing, and producing audio files. Popular DAWs include Ableton Live, Pro Tools, FL Studio, and GarageBand (for Mac users).

Understand the Market

Before creating your music, ⁤investigate what’s⁣ popular in the market.‍ Listen ‍to top-selling tracks, identify what makes them unique and try to incorporate those elements into your music. Consider ⁢the purpose of the music or sample, whether⁣ it’s for background⁢ music, film scoring, video games, or commercials.

Create your Music

The next step is to create your music. Compose original pieces that sound‌ professional and are easy to digest. Make sure the music is clear, meaning every instrument and every note can be heard distinctly.
When creating samples, attention to⁣ detail is a ‌must. Each loop or hit should sound good on its⁤ own and easy to incorporate into ⁤a composition.

Wrapping‌ Up

Once you’re pleased with your creation, export your tracks and samples in a high-quality format ‍(WAV‌ or AIFF). Ensure your files are​ well-organized ⁣and⁤ easy to‍ sort through for potential buyers.

Where to Sell Stock Music and Samples ​Online

Numerous online platforms allow you to sell stock music and samples, including AudioJungle, Pond5, and PremiumBeat. These sites enable you to reach a wide audience and offer the opportunity to earn passive income.
Remember that each site has its own submission criteria and commission structures, so ​read the terms and conditions carefully.

Making stock music‍ and samples to sell ⁣online may seem ⁤daunting at⁤ first. However, with the ⁢right mindset, software, musical knowledge,⁣ and understanding of the market, you can turn your passion into⁢ profit. Happy music making!