“I’m relieved to look back and say ‘Okay, we didn’t mess up too much’”: Thomas Bangalter on the end of Daft Punk


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What lessons has Bangalter taken from ⁢his time with Daft Punk that he ‍applies to ⁣his current work

Thomas Bangalter

In⁣ an exclusive​ interview, Daft‍ Punk’s Thomas Bangalter reveals what lead to⁢ the end of the iconic electronic ‌music duo. He shares his thoughts, reminiscing 28 years of ground-breaking music ⁢and personal growth.

The French musician, who formed Daft Punk with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo,⁣ announced their split in February, leaving fans around the world heartbroken. However, Bangalter shows no signs ⁣of despair, instead expressing a sense of relief and satisfaction when looking back on his⁤ career.

“The beauty ‌of it is that we were​ able to do it our way”

“We always had a singular vision about what we⁣ wanted Daft Punk to be, and we didn’t want to ‌compromise that. We didn’t mess up too much, I think,” he stated boldly.

He further added, “We had ups‍ and downs, made mistakes. But, at the end of it, I ⁣think we stayed true to our sound, and we didn’t let ⁣success change ‌us. I’m relieved to​ say​ that”.

Ending Daft Punk

When asked about the end of Daft Punk, Bangalter maintained that it was not a spontaneous decision. Rather, it was something that he and Homem-Christo deliberated ⁣over for a long⁣ time.

“You get to a point where you realize that you’ve said everything you wanted to say, ⁤musically. You then either choose to repeat yourself or stop,” he disclosed. He further said that they‌ mutually decided it‌ was time to end Daft Punk on a⁣ high note.

What’s next?

On ​upcoming plans, Bangalter says he will continue to be‍ involved with music, albeit in a different capacity. He⁤ wishes to use his experience in Daft Punk to mentor and⁣ assist upcoming musicians. As he frankly puts it, “I ‌am not walking out of music. I’m just embarking on a new journey”.

Until then, Daft Punk’s musical legacy continues ⁢to inspire worldwide, changing the face of electronic music forever.

Posted on 14th June 2022