How to Plan Your First Tour as a DJ/Producer


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How can I determine the​ best locations ​for shows⁤ on my first tour as a DJ/Producer?

Getting your foot ⁤in‍ the ‌door of ⁣the music industry can be⁤ a challenging‍ feat, especially ⁤if​ you’re ⁢a DJ/Producer starting‍ out in the ⁢industry. However, if​ you’ve finally landed an‍ opportunity⁣ to go on your⁤ first⁤ tour,‍ it’s time to ‍face the ‌music and start⁢ planning.⁣ Check out these handy tips ‍to help jump-start the planning process for your ⁤first ⁢stint on the ‍road.

1. Define Your Budget

One of the first things you need ‍to consider ‌is your budget. Travel, accommodations, equipment transportation, and meal costs ‌can ‌quickly escalate if​ not kept in check. Before putting‌ anything into action,⁤ plan​ ahead,‍ and set a ‍realistic budget. This⁢ helps you navigate​ through the many decisions ⁣you will⁣ have​ to make in ​the planning ‍process.

2. Map Out‍ Your Tour

Start by⁣ deciding on the ​cities and venues you ⁣aim to play in. ‍It’s important to research‌ beforehand and understand the musical tastes of the‌ audience in each city. Tools like Songkick or Bandsintown can provide a wealth of information‍ about potential ‍concert goers and what ‌type of music​ is ⁢most popular in a certain ⁣venue or ⁣city.‌ Always plan​ the itinerary ⁤keeping in⁤ mind​ the ⁣drive time⁤ between cities, rest⁣ days,⁢ and,⁤ most ⁤importantly, on which days⁤ the⁤ chosen venues ‌draw the biggest crowds.

3. Build A Tour Team

Going on tour is not ⁣a solo mission; ​it’s ⁢a ​team effort.​ Design your dream team by hiring professionals or ‍staff that will‍ help your ⁣tour​ run smoothly.⁣ This could⁤ include techies, sound engineers, managers, ‌publicists, and booking agents. ⁢Each‍ member will play a crucial role in‌ organizing and ‌managing different facets​ of your tour.

4. ⁤Create ⁣a Promotional⁣ Plan

Create a ⁢marketing⁢ strategy that suits your⁣ brand and music style.‍ This could involve building‍ a strong online​ presence through ⁢social media, ‌creating⁤ promotional materials ⁢like posters and flyers, and ‌collaborating with local influencers and‍ bloggers for wider audience‍ reach. Remember, the goal is to get as much publicity as possible ahead ‌of your⁣ performances.

5. Prepare Your Track List

Finally, ​prepare​ a​ killer playlist that ⁣you know will​ entertain‌ your⁣ audience and⁣ also showcase your best work. Having ‌a well-prepared and ‍versatile ⁢tracklist⁣ can ⁤make all⁢ the difference in creating⁣ memorable performances. Also, ‌remember⁤ to prepare ⁣multiple tracklists ​for⁤ different ⁤types of venues or crowds.


Touring is not just⁤ about the music; it’s about creating ⁣a ‍connection⁤ with your audience. Proper ‌planning⁢ backed by ‌a ⁤dedicated ⁤team and ⁣a‌ solid promotional plan ⁤can truly make ​your first ⁢tour a success. So ⁢start planning ​and prepare for an‍ exhilarating journey in ⁤the world ⁣of music.