David Guetta: “If you have terrible taste, your music is still gonna be terrible, even with AI”


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Can⁣ you elaborate on David Guetta’s perspective about the ⁣role of a ⁢producer’s taste ⁢in creating music?

The world-famous DJ shares his insights on the role of taste and ⁣quality ⁤in the era of Artificial Intelligence in music production.

David Guetta explaining his perspective on AI in music.

When it comes to crafting chart-topping electronic dance music, ‌very⁢ few command the same kind of respect ​as David Guetta.​ The French DJ ⁢and song producer has shared his bold perspective on the role of‍ personal taste and quality in the burgeoning era of Artificial Intelligence-driven music production.

Amid the rising⁢ prevalence of AI systems in crafting beats, melodies,⁣ and even entire songs, Guetta stated, “If you have terrible taste, your music ⁢is still gonna be terrible, even with AI.” Guetta’s comment paints a complex picture of the future of music in an increasingly digital world.​

Musical Evolution in the Age of ⁢AI

Over the last few years, the world of music production has seen an increase in AI-powered tools. These tools, with their sophisticated algorithms, can generate beats and harmonies, replicate human voices, and even compose entire songs. However, ​according ⁤to Guetta, the output produced by AI ​is only as good ​as the ⁤user’s ⁣taste.

An AI can produce a mix, but the creative selection, the emotional‍ resonance, and the expert ear are⁢ distinctly human traits that ⁢can’t be replicated by a machine. As the DJ puts it, ​those with poor taste will create poor music, AI or not.

David ⁣Guetta: Emphasising the Human Element

For Guetta, the essential ingredient in‍ music seems to be humanity. The rhythm and soul found in a piece of music stand unmatched, and it is this essential human element, the DJ insists, that separates good music from bad.

While AI-generated music can offer unprecedented efficiency, consistency and output,⁢ it cannot replicate the intangible quality of music that⁢ resonates within human souls. That would require an intimate understanding of emotions, life ⁣experiences, and natural responses that⁢ AI,‍ as of now, cannot comprehend.


So, is AI the death-knell for human-created music? Far from it, according to Guetta. The DJ sees AI as a tool, a new instrument that when paired with human creativity and taste, ⁤can create truly incredible pieces of⁢ art.

Ultimately, it is not about man ‍versus machine, it is​ about‍ humans using technology as a means to an end. As Guetta himself puts it, regardless of the ⁤technology available, if your taste isn’t appealing, your music‍ won’t be either.