What reaction have fans and fellow musicians had to Aphex Twin‌ releasing music​ through his ‍’secret’ Soundcloud account

Aphex Twin Shares Two Archival ⁤Tracks Via​ ‘Secret’ SoundCloud Account

Renowned electronic music experimentalist, Aphex Twin is tantalising his fans ​once again. He recently shared two previously unheard archival tracks on SoundCloud, a platform he’s notoriously been playing around with over the years.

The tracks‌ were found‍ on a “Secret” Soundcloud account under​ the pseudonym ⁢’user18081971′, a number sequence that represents his ‌birth date – 18th of August, 1971. This isn’t the first time the‌ maverick Irish-English musician, Richard D. James‍ aka ​ Aphex Twin,‍ has shared music in unconventional⁤ ways.

Aphex​ Twin
Richard D. James AKA Aphex Twin. Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the past, Aphex Twin has been known for his cryptic and innovative approaches to sharing his music. More than half a decade ago, he uploaded hundreds of demos, outtakes, and unreleased tracks‌ on his Soundcloud, much to the delight of his fans.

These two archival tracks titled “qu1” and “Th1 [evnslower]“, further adds ⁤to the ever-mysterious catalogue of Aphex Twin’s experimental sound.

Delve into the Tracks

Let’s explore the unexpected surprises that these two tracks have ‍in store for ⁣us:


qu1” is a⁤ compelling track that runs just slightly over a minute. Although short, it truly showcases Aphex Twin’s genius with a beautifully ​enmeshed rustle, followed by soft percussions ⁣and atmospheric echoes.

Th1 [evnslower]

On the other hand, “TH1[evnslower]” serves‍ up a more haunting,⁤ ambient experience. The 8-minute piece is stretched out with echo-like synths stretching into infinity, creating a floating, atmospheric sound that engulfs the listener.

Wrapping Up

Aphex Twin’s move to drop two unreleased tracks on a secret ⁢SoundCloud ⁣account is not unexpected,⁤ in ⁣fact, it’s just another day in the life of the reclusive artist. This merely reinforces Aphex Twin’s reputation as​ the industry’s mysterious and innovative outlier in the world of electronic music.

Given his track record, fans should​ remain tuned for more surprises as they come ⁤from other secret ‌online alleyways which Aphex Twin​ is carving out in his unique, ‌enigmatic ‌style.