4 of the Best Music Studio Desks for Producers


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What is the standard height of a study table in cm?

While the standard height of an office desk is 73-80 cm, the ideal situation is when the height of the desk depends on its user. Tall people need to raise their chair so when their feet are flat on the floor, their legs are at right angle to their back.

Music producers spend countless hours working in their studios, and it’s essential to have a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A spacious, well-designed studio desk can enhance workflow, organization, and ergonomics, all of which contribute to productivity and creativity. Let’s explore four of the best music studio desks that are highly recommended for producers.

1. Platform Studio Desk | Output

Considered one of the best studio desks for music producers, the Platform Studio Desk by Output offers a perfect blend of style and functionality [1]. This desk features rack spaces, a bridge for monitors, as well as a sleek and modern design. What sets the Platform Studio Desk apart is its adaptability; the height and position of the bridge can be adjusted according to your preferences. Prices for this desk model range from $699 to $949.

2. Spike 88 Key Studio Desk | AZ Studio

For producers who require a desk that accommodates a full-length MIDI controller, the Spike 88 Key Studio Desk by AZ Studio is a great choice[1]. This sturdy studio desk, priced at $1,299, provides a spacious work surface and multiple rack spaces. It’s designed to support an 88 key digital piano, effectively turning your workstation into a multi-purpose hub for all your creative endeavors.

3. Studio RTA Producer Station

This desk was designed with the modern music producer in mind. The Studio RTA Producer Station is a comprehensive workstation that provides ample rack space and a large desktop area [2]. The design is very functional, providing places for all your equipment and room for your computer monitors. Its design also includes casters for easy mobility, allowing you to restructure your studio setup whenever necessary.

4. Quik-Lok Z-250

If you are just starting as a music producer, the Quik-Lok Z-250 is the ideal choice without breaking the bank [3]. Not only it is affordable, but this desk also offers sufficient space for entry-level studio gear. Its compact and sturdy design allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making it highly portable and ideal for small studio spaces.

In conclusion, choosing the right studio desk should be a well-thought-out decision considering the workspace needs and budget. A good studio desk provides not just a good working area but also a creative environment for music production.