How to Use a Vocoder


How to set up‌ a vocoder?

How to⁢ Set Up a‌ Vocoder Step 1:⁣ Creating ‍an ⁣Audio track⁣ for Modulator ‌Signal 𝅺(Vocals) Step 2: Creating𝅺 a MIDI track‍ for Carrier‌ Signal​ (Synth)‍ Step⁣ 3: ⁢Adding ⁢Vocoder to⁣ the track ⁤with Vocals

A ‍vocoder ⁤is one of the ⁤more esoteric𝅺 production ⁢tools⁣ that music ⁢producers𝅺 have ⁢at their disposal. ‍Initially ‌designed ​to encrypt ​voices ‌in⁣ telecommunications, vocoders are 𝅺now a mainstay ⁣of electronic music⁤ genres,⁣ enabling‍ producers ⁤to morph and shape sounds𝅺 in fascinating ways. ⁣This guide 𝅺will⁤ explain ⁢how ⁣to use a vocoder.

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