The Difference Between Mixing And Mastering


Which is harder mixing or mastering?

Since mixing involves more individual elements, it can be considered more complex than mastering. With that in mind, that certainly doesn’t make it easier than the mastering process. Mastering and mixing can each take years of training to pin down, and oftentimes, the respective engineers never stop learning.

When it comes to producing a piece of music, there are two essential steps involved: mixing and mastering. While these processes share some similarities, they also have distinctive roles to play in turning raw sounds into a polished final product.

The Art of Mixing

Mixing is the process where individual tracks are blended together to create a cohesive piece. It’s about creating balance and emotion in a song. Therefore, the main objective of mixing is to make various instruments sound good together. This involves adjusting levels, panning instruments left or right, equalizing, compressing, and adding effects like reverb and delay [3].

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