12 MIDI Programming Tricks for Cubase


How can these MIDI programming tricks help in ⁤creating complex music patterns in Cubase?

Cubase,⁢ the versatile Digital Audio⁢ Workstation by Steinberg, enjoys immense popularity among music producers and sound engineers. Cubase’s MIDI​ programming is particularly well-regarded for its in-depth ⁢features and capabilities. If you’re a Cubase user interested in MIDI programming,⁢ this guide explores 12 tricks that could potentially‍ revolutionize your workflow ⁤and broaden your⁢ creative scope.

1. Utilizing MIDI Modifiers

MIDI Modifiers allow​ you to manipulate MIDI data in real-time. Using modifiers, you can add a degree of randomness to velocity, pitch, and timing, making your MIDI performances more human-like ⁢and⁤ less robotic.

2. Exploiting MIDI Logical‍ Editor

Cubase’s MIDI Logical Editor is a ⁢powerful tool for programming and editing MIDI data. ⁤You can‌ set up custom functions to select, edit, or generate MIDI‍ events according to specific ⁢rules or conditions you ​define.

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Creating Realistic MIDI Strings: Tips and Tricks


What are the key elements in creating realistic MIDI strings?

The world of music production has come a long way with the advent ‍of MIDI technology. MIDI, short for Musical Instrument Digital ⁢Interface, is a communication⁣ protocol that allows computers, musical instruments, and⁣ other hardware to communicate. One common use of MIDI is in creating string arrangements. However, one of the most significant challenges in digital music ‍production is creating realistic MIDI strings. This article offers handy tips and tricks on how to make your MIDI ​strings sound incredibly lifelike.

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5 of the Best MIDI Keyboards for Music Producers


What budgets are we looking at for these top 5 MIDI keyboards for music producers?

For those delving into the world of music production, a MIDI keyboard forms an integral part of your journey. A high-quality MIDI keyboard can help you to effectively navigate your digital audio workstation, refining your harmonic dimensions and sharpening your melodic ideas. For that reason, we have put together a list of some of the best MIDI keyboards you can buy in 2021. Continue reading